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Advantages Diamond Member Free Member
Priority product and info listing    
Priority to obtain buyers' procurement opportunities    
Customized company website    
Inquiry tracking system of sub-accounts function    
Unlimited number of products    
Professional customer service    

The Difference between Diamond & Free Memberships:

Diamond Members enjoy all free members benefits

Priority to obtain buyers' procurement opportunities

Catch more customers than free member by getting contact with buyers directly

Also, enjoy higher priority rankings in product, company and other info lists than Free Member

Diamond Member Sign

Your products and company will be labeled, which helps establish trust.

Competitive Price

US$ 1800/1 Year

Priority Listing

You will enjoy priority rankings in our product display, price list, company info list, and search results. Buyers will find you more easily with 4-5 times more inquiries than free member.

Search Engine Customization

Enjoy great search results while your products rankings rise.

Priority to Obtain Buyers

You can get the buyer's inquiries first, most of the time buyers would tell StoneContact their needs directly, and we will share it with you first.

Company Website

customized website with independent domain name to meet your advertising need.

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    Brand Promotion Service
    Improve your brand influence and atrract quality buyers

      The most competitive & popular display positions

    • Over 100,000 unique visitors from more than 211 countries visit StoneContact everyday. You can select from 10 different advertising placements across our website. Choose what best for you.

      Attract more buyers and improve your business

    • Gain more trust from quality buyers, and improve the influence of your company and products

      Free customized advertisement design

    • Our professional design team offers customized ad design service for free



    • Maximize your brand influence
    • You can choose: Position A1/A2/A2+/A3



    This is our primary banner, located on the top right of the front page. Buyers will notice your brand upon visiting our homepage. A1 is designed to get the most views compared to all other ad placements.

    • Size: 500px*54px
    • Price: US$8000/Year


    Located in the center of our homepage, A2 is the largest of all our banners. Only 3 members may advertise on the A2 banner. The banner will rotate between these 3 ads.

    • Size: 976px*100px
    • Price: US$6000/Year


    Located in the center of our homepage, below "Natural Stone" Section, with quite large size of banner.Exclusive AD without sharing with others.

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    The A3 Ad placements are very valuable. Located directly under latest Buying Requests," and " latest Discounted Items," A3 is sure to reach many eyes. The price coupled with front page placement makes A3 a great option.

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      Product Page

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    Buyers' favorable page

    Listing in the Hot Product AD helps get more attention

    Make you stand out from millions of products

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      Buying Requests Page

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    The biggest buying enquiry info center

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    More deals turns easily

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    • Size: 220px*160px
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    Pages with the most detailed info about stone companies from over 211 countries

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    • Size: 169px*88px
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    Page for special offer

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      Stone Library Page

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    The most professional and useful natural stone database

    Let buyers know well your new stones

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      Quarries Page

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    The Quarry page is the world’s biggest product center for quarries.

    Let buyers know about your new quarries

    The most cost-effective way to promote

    • Size: 500px*54px
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    Product Display
    Make buyers find you from hundreds of thounsands of suppliers easily

    Plan 1

    Product Display Area in Homepage

      100,000 visitors per day,homepage is the most popular with buyers

      Stonecontact receives more than 100,000 visitors from over 211 countries everyday, homepage is their first station. Showing yourself in homepage is a smart choice.

      Competitive position make buyers find you from millions of products

      It leads your way directly to buyers

      Homepage Products Promotion area is at the center of main page,which makes it easy to catch buyers' attention. By clicking product, buyers are led to access your page of stonecontact, where they can know more details of your main products, company info and contact. Further more, there are more chances that buyers are lured to view your website for more information, like: projects, factory pictures, and other products you supply.


      Display time for each category is equal(finished products, stone tiles, slabs, etc.). The featured category is randomly chosen each time.

    Plan 2

    Product Placement on Products Main Page

      Front page product listing garaunteed

      Your product will be listed on the front page of the "Product" tab. Every buyer will visit this front page before choosing any sub-catergory. There are over 200,000 products listed. With choose this plan to secure your company's reputation and dramatically increase eyes on your products. No other plan compares!

      Your Listing Leads Directly to Your Custom Website

      When buyers click on your products, you can choose what buyers will see on your customized website: products introduction, company information and contact details.


      In order to make your AD more competitive, the sequence of all Ad positions is flexible, your AD will display in random order.

    Keywords for Rankings

      Rank your products accurately with keywords

      StoneContact will help you choose the best keywords for your products based on global buyers search term tendencies. If buyers search for your terms, your listing will be placed in the first row on the first page. This gives you very high visibility specifically for buyers looking for your kind of products. This is a sure way to attract more clicks and more inquiries. For those working with a smaller budget, this "keywords Promotion" gives the most value.

      The 6 Most Searched Stones

    • Granite、Marble、Limestone、Travertine、Slate、Onyx

    Keywords Available for the Promotion

    Beige +  * *   +   tile
    Black +  * *   +   slab
    Blue +  * *   +   Block
    Brown +  * *   +   kitchen
    Green +  * *   +   tombstone,monument
    Grey +  * *   +   mosaic
    Lilac +  * *   +   fireplace
    Pink +  * *   +   sink
    Red +  * *   +   sculpture
    White +  * *   +   countertops
    Yellow +  * *   +   vanitytop
    *   +   paver
    Note: * represents the stone of your choice(granite, marble, limestone etc.) select those keywords which make the most sense for your products. For example, you want to promote your "Black Marble Tile", you may choose the keywords "Black Marble" or "Marble Tile".
    price from US$680 to US$1000

    For Example:Keywords for “Black Granite”
    will be show on the 1st row


      Keywords offered are specific. Terms like Granite or Marble alone are too broad to sale.

      For each keyword search term, we only offer 4 for sale.

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    Customer Reviews

    We choose StoneContact for making great industry contacts and best information.

    Other Reviews

    Marmores Sergio Coelho (Portugal)  Cruz

    Thanks to, it has led me to get some orders. From the beginning of this year to now, we have had four cabinets ordered.

    Marmi Mantico SRL (Italy)  Alessandra

    For us, is a great showcase to show our products, we have ideal orders almost 3/4 time of one year on it. Our products have great success in the US market. Carrara White has the most inquiries.

    Dalei Stone (China)  Helen is very effective. I connected with my biggest customer using this platform. Currently there is a big order under negotiation, and this customer is also from

    Universal Producing (China)  Jack Wong is much better than other platforms. We successfully got three orders using it, and now there are 2 more orders under negotiation. Although they are not big they have big profits. The gross margin can reach about $200,000.

    Vieka Stone (China)  Sanni Shi

    StoneContact's effect is very clear. It is always present in stone fairs all over the world, and has big marketing power, this is good and effective. This platform has many real customers.

    Dongguan Kongder Industrial Materials (China)  Miki

    I find is more useful than Alibaba, as there are almost no garbage inquiries on I had contact with three customers, one is an American boss, he saw my products and arranged domestic staff to contact me. The result was a great order. The other two did not order yet, but they are also target customers.