Suppliers Globalizing

Suppliers from more than 200 countries provide quality products for global buyers

Suppliers country statistics

Buyers Globalizing

Active buyers across six continents, high-quality inquires bring more business opportunities

Purchase inquiries'number increased year by year
Purchase inquiries country statistics

Promotion Globalizing

StoneContact promotes at popular international stone fairs each year


StoneContact Service Products System

Diversified product system, promote efficient communication and trade between buyers and suppliers


  • Annual global distribution,
  • deliver the latest and most
  • complete stone information

    Stone Scanner

  • Scan HD Pictures

    Picture Recognition

  • Smart matching for stone
  • and suppliers information

    Image Montage App

  • Fit scanned images together
  • as a complete slab


  • Push real-time matching for inquires

    Stone 3D Actual Scene Display System

  • Generate and send product application case

Customer Reviews

We choose StoneContact for get contacts and more information.

Other Reviews

Marmores Sergio Coelho (Portugal)  Cruz

Thanks, it let me get a few orders. From this year beginning to now, we have four cabinets 'order.

Marmi Mantico SRL (Italy)  Alessandra

For us, is a great showcase to show our products, we have ideal orders in almost 3/4 time of one year on it. Our products have great success in US market, Carrara White has most inquiries.

Dalei Stone (China)  Helen is really very effective, and my biggest customer is from this platform. Currently there is a big order under negotiation, the customer also from

Universal Producing (China)  Jack Wong is much better than other platforms, we successfully got three orders on it, now there are 2 orders under negotiation, although they are not big but have big profit, the gross margin could reach about $200,000.

Vieka Stone (China)  Sanni Shi

StoneContact drainage effect is very obvious, it often appears in stone fairs all over the world, it has big propaganda, this is good and effective. This platform has many real customers.

Dongguan Kongder Industrial Materials (China)  Miki

I think is useful than Alibaba, almost no garbage inquiries on, I contacted with three customers, one is an American boss, he saw my products and let domestic staff contacted me, finally we got the order, the other two did not become to order yet, but they are also target customers.